Client: Allons-y Guesthouse
Year: 2018

By invitation of “Allons-y” Guesthouse, Newings designed a new brand for this space located in one of the most prime areas of the city of Loulé, in a classic building dating back to the end of the 21st century.


Located in a well-preserved building, this Guesthouse has genuine details that differentiate it and link it to the “Art Deco era – an art movement associated with clean lines, exaggerated geometric shapes, abstract design, feminine and animal shapes and influence of futurism, cubism and constructivism”.


Thus, the basic design of the visual identity was created with a welcoming feeling to it – inherent to the French term “Allons-y” – associated with the discovery and the challenge of getting to know a new culture or a new space, with a more relaxed, irreverent and contemporary approach.